MotoGP 17 | Rider Career Pt 4: I Make A Huge Mistake At Assen

Whilst struggling at Assen I try my best to fight for the lead but it doesn’t all go to plan.

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11 Responses

  1. fastYZR

    does your copy of this game judder and drop frames on certain tracks at different times. Xbox 1

  2. Arthur Corion

    i remember when u had 230 subs now look at you great job keep it up

  3. Tristan Burley

    you must give us a game replay if it's gonna be that epic

  4. rooster hugler

    GOOD VIDEO!!!! do some more rider career vids more often

  5. Max woolrich Games

    What do you think about Maria Herrera?


    Good effort buddy you should do more laps on your Rider Career like I am it's really challenging with the tyre wear but more exciting 👍👏

  7. motovloger

    How do you transition between this and a GP bike lol.

  8. GIFan 2608

    ahh just forget about rider career just keep uploading managerial career 😀