MotoGP™ 2014 Biggest crashes

The most spectacular crashes from the premier class of the MotoGP™ World Championship in 2014 Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: Visit …

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45 Responses

  1. Snowden

    Could you imagine if they didn't have that gear, they would have no skin left o-o

  2. Nishit Kodwani

    Imagine this happening to a rider with no riding gear!

  3. Liam Hendricks

    They should you use these bike riders in roll cages because they made of some tough stuff

  4. Michael Gillmore

    I can't believe that most of them get up and walk off, I guess their used to it.

  5. sharan chenna

    This is so satisfying, seeing everyone is not severely injured.

  6. Harry Johnson

    to be honest some of the more mundane crashes when they just slide along the ground without hitting the gravel seem pretty fun

  7. Ads

    2:16 jist slodong them suddenly seeing that the bike might smash and land on top of him…

  8. Ads

    For the sliding ones where they just let go of the bike on the corner, would they have hurt or just got really hot from the friction? Obviously, those flipping over their bikes probably got hurt and felt the pain for at least a good few hours afterwards ^^

  9. Jdrentarol

    The suits they wear make them basically feel no pain, or minimal pain, while sliding on asphalt, but the gravel must hurt like shit. Same with flying into the air.

  10. The99reddragon5

    2:46 haaaaaaaahaaa why hold onto the bike haaha it could have ended him

  11. Tech Ride

    their motorcycle gears are making them nearly invincible!!!

  12. Yeet.

    Lol whats the racer name at 1:00 orange number 93, i just worked at circuit of the americas and he won it, i keep forgetting the name though

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  14. Stu K

    Think this really shows how far safety gear has come. A decade ago some of those guys would have probably not been getting up, yet nowadays these guys can wreck doing well over 100 and be back the next weekend.