MotoGP 2017 Phillip Island Test Day 2

1 VIÑALES, Maverick 1:28.847 2 MARQUEZ, Marc 1:29.309 3 CRUTCHLOW, Cal 1:29.325 4 BAUTISTA, Alvaro 1:29.411 5 DOVIZIOSO, Andrea 1:29.483 6 …

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22 Responses

  1. Louie bam bam Elwood

    "Only testing" Maverick look'd visibly faster into that corner,if that adds up to tenth's and seconds the old goat has no chance ☹️

  2. Kneedragon1962

    Hmmmmm. Everybody ahead of Karel Abraham is lapping below a minute and a half, which bodes well for a close season.
    The 'screamiest' motor is the KTM. To some degree or extent, pretty much everybody is playing with big bang motors…
    I would most certainly not write off M&M, but the people to watch look to be the new arrivals, Maveric in particular.
    Pedrosa is going ok, but Rossi and Jorge are mid fielders…
    Going on what we've seen to this point, it looks like it's going to be between Mav and M&M.

  3. nixolas nixolas

    mav25 it's very very good in this season. good luck mav25.

  4. Jorge Borbolla

    Looks like the Ducati doesnt turn very well. Looks clunky compared to the M1

  5. nugroho adi

    whats mean about JL99 logo, before 9(evil)9(angel), now 9(evil)9(evil).

  6. Moralbro

    Ducati's participation in MotoGP is more damaging to their brand than if they didn't participate. Look at Lamborghini they don't join Formula 1 because they'll probably get smoked by Ferrari. But not joining actually does more good, because people give them the benefit of a doubt and continue to regard Lamborghini cars highly. But when you join and you lose it then becomes established and beyond all doubts.

  7. Amir Rad

    Jorge, prepare your same for getting humiliated by Petrucci and Bautista. Dovi gonna wipe the floor with you.

  8. Lance Moon

    Poor Lorenzo. He's getting smoked out there right now. For whatever reason, the guy lacks charisma and people are happy to revel in his struggles but, I for one, hope he gets it turned around. The championship is always more fun when he's in the mix.

  9. Jajang Hermawan

    yeah KTM sound i think that so wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww

  10. Isra Depailler

    Maverick look's like a bullet…new rivalry era Marquez&Viñales.