MotoGP 2017 || Sachsenring – Full Race Highlights GP Germany || FULL HD

Video FullRace Highlights of GP Sachsenring DEUTSCHLAND GP MOTOGP 2017 GP Result : 1. Marc Marquez ESP Repsol Honda Team (RC213V) 40m …

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46 Responses

  1. hitam putih

    rossi itu pembalap tenang….
    gak kyk yg lain….
    VR46 andalanku…

  2. richard silaen

    good job marquez.
    marquez menang banyak.
    marquez is the winner motoGP 2017.

  3. chris gleeson

    stop with the music !!! it's fucking annoying. .

  4. sathish sharma

    Rossi Ur Start Is Always Bad , Try To Be In 4th Place , First 10 Laps , So It's Easy To Catch Pole , Love You & God Bless .

  5. SoulfulElectricity

    stop the fukking shit music you put under motogp highlights, the last ones where just bad, but this one is totally fucked up crap the worst shit possible human ears and brains have to suffer under this crap and you put in under a MOTOGP highlights video…
    i don't know you, but i really hate you now!
    you totally destroyed it, if that is was your intension, well done!

  6. negative_pt

    Great video. Really nice highlights… Cheers!

  7. Nancy Delgado España

    faltó Johan Zarco en la punta para ser mas emocionante el gran premio de Alemania

  8. Asfin BangBrks

    Tak apalah kalo rosi pensiun. Kami sebagai sporter motoGP. Akan sangat senang jika tahun ini rosi bisah juara dunia yang terakhir kali. Tidak usah bermain politik. Hargailah dia yang sudah membuat motoGP semakin wOw . .
    Kami akan tetap suka motoGP. Asalkan Tahun ini rosi bisah juara yang terakhir. 👌

  9. Black Horse Gaming

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  10. Felipe Bischof

    the music is for the Copyright you dummies

  11. MimM

    Lorenzo is kind of having a mediocre season. The title race seems very exciting though. Go Marquez!


    Oggi vi insegnerà come trollare

    Leggi tutto

  13. Stuck Mojo

    it's like they are rapping on the music!

  14. Kevin Salas Inzulza

    thank you for the video. music's awesome. beautiful race, even though Rossi didn't win . Marquez is a fucking beast on this track

  15. Lord Flashheart

    I wish they'd change the commentators, they are both utter shite!!.

  16. Fogolâr Furlan Nord California USA

    If you think the addition of the music is a pleasant feature for your viewers please review your assumptions … Thanks for the highlights: with mute turned on they are good.

  17. Juan Sebastian

    Apa cuma gw yang ngerasa kalo kawasaki ngga ada apa apanya di motogp tapi di indonesia motornya pada mahal mahal

  18. Mario Rossotto

    Why the music????? Let us feel the engines power :-((

  19. choky dwi

    Apa perasaan aku aja race kali ini bikin ngantuk. Ga kaya kemaren berasa balapan untuk juara.

  20. Al katoni

    Baby Alien👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. Geraldo Sebastian

    Vinales did a good job there. one place behind the podium, finished above rossi, fight for his chance to win this year.

  22. Awesome Water

    Why the crappy music ? Let the bikes sing dude

  23. Carpythesharky

    Ty for the highlights. The music in the background wasn't too invasive so it didn't ruin the video.