MotoGP™ Aragon 2014 – Biggest crashes

A selection of spectacular crash footage from the Gran Premio Movistar de Aragon. See more:

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31 Responses

  1. Ameyy Wan

    if they broke the bike, so they will get the punishment? sorry my english bad

  2. rejanne vidalgomes


  3. Har ish

    My heart almost stopped.. when I saw rossi crash.. if that did not turned out to be a crash.. it would have been one of the most closest overtake ever.. One good news is,.. rossi is still aggressive and we have lot more of him to come, to treat us

  4. bs1174

    Thank God Rossi was ok.  I was seriously worried when he was unconscious and not moving.  I remember watching the Malaysia race when Simoncelli was killed, so every time I see a rider go down now I get nervous.  Anything can happen.

  5. Haries Asaib

    wow… ini mengerikan, terlalu banyak yang crash :(

  6. Garage Tifosi

    Dorna are worth many, many millions yet they still choose this shit generic rock music for nearly every video. Put your hand in your pocket Carmelo and buy something at least passable. Or nothing at all would be an improvement!

  7. Alessandro Sala

    pedrosa dovrebbe finire di fare frenate a sorpresa. poi se lo prendono ( vedi Le Mans con Sic ) viene fuori un casino…

  8. HotCoin

    Marc and pedrosa are idiots AMD Jack millers crash is a race incident

  9. lalaland

    Always stupid 80's cheesy Heavy Metal music…. For the guys that crash, play some "Aphex Twin – Phloam" cos I bet crashing feels more like this!