MotoGP™ – Best Overtakes

Overtaking is the joy of any form of racing, but when it’s done on the fastest prototype machinery on the world, nothing quite beats it. Check out MotoGP’s best overtakes from 2012! Subscribe…

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45 Responses

  1. Athul S Kumar

    Rossi overtaking Lorenzo on last turn of 09 catalunya is not in the list??? shit…

  2. Fandi Jhonatan

    smua pembalap sepanyol tai. pada belagu. di kamera aja jarang sehelo

  3. NoisyGriff

    This shows everything that is wrong with Moto GP coverage… Dear Moto GP, please stop cutting to the pits everytime something happens on the track. No one gives a shit what the pit crew are doing. Just show the racing. Rant over.

  4. jeff burbank

    dump dani.get stoner on a rcv and see how good the whingeing marquez is,stoner knows how to go to the limit,every lap every race,inferior machinery or not,takes balls,not honda knowhow.thats why rossi left hrc.

  5. sungju bae

    와 정말 천재적인 순간포착… 대단해..ㄷㄷㄷ

  6. Everyday Calisthenics

    WTF thats so dangerous. Hwo many people die per year from this sport??

  7. Majin Busn

    Dovizioso with the yamaha tech 3 was so fucking strong… He deserves to be with Rossi in the official team

  8. zeroco7

    can't see vale in your clip .. this you are Spanish 😂😂😂