MotoGP Champion Races Up Snow and Ice at World Cup Ski Course

Watch more ice biking on the world’s deepest frozen lake: The Hahnenkamm race is the toughest contest in skiing’s World Cup.

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33 Responses

  1. Slit Throat Music

    What engine oil was he using at that temperature and altitude ?

  2. EvtheNev

    I was probably pretty tame in reality. Didn't look like he was going very fast because of the lack of traction. Hence the LSD style editing to make it seem SUPER CRAZY!!!

  3. Raumance

    I haven't watched him drive the bike yet but it's not really the snow or the hills I'd be worried about but the flat light. So hard to distinguish anything when the sun is not out.

  4. Victor Manuel Corrales Rodriguez

    flipante el mejor 👍👍👍

  5. David Berrios

    Marc Márquez lo mejor del mundial de moto GP…número ONE….FOREVER …..

  6. David Berrios

    Marc Márquez es el mejor pilotos que a tenido la moto gp …ni cuando el tal Valentino rosi en sus mejores momento nunca hizo tales hazaña… forever….Que viva Marc Márquez….

  7. quarry creek

    This is what happens when you drink three red bulls then edit a video. WTF did I just try to watch?