MotoGP Classics — Laguna Seca 05′

Relive the superb premier class race from Laguna Seca in 2005, with the likes of Nicky Hayden & Colin Edwards gunning for glory on home soil, chased down by their European rivals such as Valentino…

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22 Responses

  1. William Kahler

    Nicky, I remember you as sixteen and ruling AMA, then moving on to Motogp, 2006 Motogp champion of the world! RIP Nicky Hayden

  2. Chris Martin

    I miss the shit outta that man so much. We all loved him … cherish his brightest moments.

  3. Roadstar1602

    Who gives a fuck about Brad Pitt? Steve McQueen would have been out there riding with them.

  4. sharpstat

    We were there for the race. Took my son to his first MotoGP race.

  5. Cosmic Charlie

    I always thought Rossi backed off here and let Nicki have the win, well, just because he's a good guy. Sure do miss Nicki, got to see him race flat track 3 times.

  6. Tommie McLeod Jr.

    Rest in peace to the "Kentucky Kid"…Nicky Haden…

  7. HE-MAN

    austin track is ugly and very bad even for f1 and terrible for motogp, Dorna Laguna Seca should be the USA Grand prix.

  8. jebadiah fyefye

    nobody made me care more about getting on a motorcycle as much as you Nicky. a 20 something yr old man riding around acting like I was nicky myself. never thought I'd see the day come when you weren't around racing. never thought I'd see the day you were gone. ill never forget Nicky Hayden. damn this world for taking him when it did. it shouldn't have been this way


    real mans formula 1 right hear!! 4 Americans and a American 1-2 finish in America is something very special for us. RIP #69 BTW the whole thing about them saying sliding the bike will no longer happen and 17years later and Marc Marquez is cross training flat track and Rossi Ranch flat track courses… they guessed wrong on that one. Nickey Hayden holding the lead from the start was rare to see as well and Nickey Hayden's victory C-WALK before hopping up on top of the podium was hilarious!! he will be missed…

  10. Jbvol

    Thank you Nicky, for getting me into MotoGP. You will be missed.

  11. Josher997

    Who came here after the news of Nicky Hayden passing away? 😥