MotoGP™ Classics – Phillip Island 2000

Three Italian riders, Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi and Valentino Rossi, feature in this classic encounter on The Island, with the likes of Alex Barros and Gary McCoy chasing them hard.

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  1. Adityo Kusnadi

    Rookie of the year (2000) Valentino Rossi. Finish second in the championship final

  2. roni novrendi

    for everyone who said this 500cc 2stroke better than motogp1000cc 4stroke is a person who cant move on

    if you want to watch close fight like this go watch Moto2 Class


    Rossi looks like he just got out of highschool lmao. imagine being almost beaten by a "kid" that would feel shitty. the great start of the doctor

  4. Giannis Papaioannou

    For all comments below about why races have changed so much…the amount of money which Dorna is dealing for the sport are enormous nowdays. No room for any freedom, what so ever!

  5. simon lloyd

    great to see how Rossi's style has developed over the years. Amazing to think that he's won championships in every class from 500cc two strokes onwards.

  6. Matej Kilík

    wow what a race!
    more action happened in 5minutes than in today's entire race.
    I guess I gotta rewatch those older races, I didn't know two strokes were like this.

  7. SameWayU GotUrName

    500cc – Great era for motoGP… gotta love the sound of those machines


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