MotoGP Engine Configurations Comparison

Turn the sound up! Look & listen to how different engine configurations produce the incredible noise of #MotoGP bikes!

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29 Responses

  1. Mayur Jadhav

    Great video to give fans more insight. Ducati is the odd man out here. And their engine has the most power.

  2. Spitzer Impact

    Visually, looking at these bikes reminds me of the titans of the 1980's

  3. Chris Till

    I'd like to see some hybrid or electric versions sooner rather than later. Push motorcycle technology forward rather than keeping the status quo forever.

  4. adam brown

    I would of guessed if a V was going to be used it would be a 90°, to lower center of gravity. Oh well.

  5. DINARA Nair

    I just love how RAW the Ducati Sounds, where you can actually here the individual cycles. It's got the most distinct sound and engine layout and of course, power. All that said, MV25 FTW!

  6. maulidan reza juninho

    Ini baru KTM
    Bukan KTM Mocin Inul wkwkk

  7. raulmotovlog 46

    you already upload the video why are upload it again