MotoGP Historic Battles — Rossi vs Stoner Laguna Seca 08′

It was the moment that many will say shaped their future relationship. Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner embarked on one of the most entertaining and exciting …

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32 Responses

  1. Mathew Maheo

    I was late for my Sunday service watching this 😁

  2. Tito Castrol

    la niña Stoner igual que las nenas Lorenzo y marquez…..que maestro eres The Doctor

  3. paul couto

    These top riders are the modern day "jedi's". Aerospace on the pavement. Mind boggling control of those bikes. Motogp is the sickest sport on the planet, i dont give a fuk what anybody says.

  4. John Deer

    F-ING YAMAHA BABY holy mother of god my hands were sweating watching this lol ROSSI U THE BEST go easy on the kid!

  5. Captain Kaos

    Took stoner to show this little Italian Weasel how to ride a Ducati. Bit ironic Aussie showing an Italian how to ride an Italian bike

  6. paul couto

    the DOCTOR…..but stoner was a beast too, too bad about his health

  7. jeff burbank

    stoner was riding the balls off the duke,rossi was at the limit trying to keep with the fast ducati,only rider skill won out,rossi walked all over stoner,and he didn't like it,sore loser,oh and where is stoner now? 2016? rossi still upfront and still dishing it out.stop whining.the guys got it in got no reason to diss the man.he is the g.o.a.t.period.

  8. lalaland

    Chaz Davies and John Hopkins both commentating during this race in 2008.

    Chaz Davies… Good luck in 2017 mate. Great job in WSB in 2016!

  9. Kyrin Woods

    Rossi is a gifted driver . 2 wheels or 4 wheels he can drive almost anything with a engine

  10. TheDeathJesters

    It's not like Rossi was performing ridiculous dive bombs, the Yamaha had amazing brakes and the lack of straight line speed meant he could brake way later than Stoner. Stoner raced Rossi and lost the battle, any complains he had were just excuses for losing. Try racing alongside Pastor Maldonado, then Stoner will see just how well Rossi did to not wipe him out.