MotoGP™ Rewind: A recap of the #AragonGP

We look at all of the most unmissable moments from the #AragonGP! ——————————————————— Visit The Official Website: …

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32 Responses

  1. Kayeleimaeken Aguilar

    I think Lorenzo will win title for ducati before rossi win a title again in yamaha. Next year I think ducati will be more threat to honda than yamaha or maybe ducati will win the title.

  2. derly september

    Vinales and Yamaha need to step up their game. Their chance for a championship is slipping away. Marc and Repsol Honda are just too good.

  3. Yaniv Golden

    MotoGP- they don’t play it safe and that’s why it’s a spectacle. MM is so exciting to watch. You just know something awesome is going to happen – like VR in his era..

  4. Rajanikant

    That smile of MM93 in the podium just killed me 👏😘
    Love & support from india

  5. Marcelo Pereira De Lima

    Very nice the battle for win in race……

  6. Muhammad Fathan Mubiyna Al Fath

    Alus euy Marc Teraskeun ulah pasihan Batur kasempetan Hajar terus.

  7. Pepper66

    Beast Rossi for racing with a broken leg!!!! Gooooo Valeeee!!! Marquez, grow some and leave Honda like Rossi did to see if you can win a championship on another manufacture.. Don;t be another Mick Doohan ….

  8. 벡터나인 VECTOR9

    I love MM93. He's the Master and also has the best smiles in the business.

  9. Tree Hunna

    Congrats on the 1080p. Now 60fps and I'll stop bitching about it lol

  10. Damian CL

    Let's go Marc! 4 races to go! Phillip Island should be easy for him btw if he doesn't crash…

  11. MonsterMike 46

    Viñales is idiot, he can overtake only Rossi, not Repsol Hondas