MotoGP Rewind: A recap of the #ArgentinaGP

We look at all of the most unmissable moments from the #ArgentinaGP! Visit The Official Website: Official App on iTunes: …

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41 Responses

  1. Archie Beech

    the new, "60 PSI in all fronts" really shows here…

  2. James Rathod

    marquez sees on his pitboard vinales + he must have had goosebumps, and thn in gravel

  3. How 2 Desmo

    Lorenzo just completely out of luck! nothing to do with skills just a freaking luck!

  4. xxxAngelikaxxx

    Made this race look like a freaking movie! Love it! It was really nervewrecking to watch but really pleased with the result though! Thanks and Forza VALEEEEE 🙂

  5. Oswaldo Lafee

    marquez holds Vinales if he didn't crash?? I would have loved to see that battle…That seemed like a rookie mistake to me, much like Zarco on Quatar 2 weeks ago. Very similar

  6. Brian Middle Torn

    u guys didnt upload after the flag anymore ?

  7. Cammet ch

    gak cuman Yamaha dan Honda yang ada sponsor dari Indonesia

  8. Christopher Vinantius

    What we need for this channel :
    – Upload highlights of every practice sessions, qualifying, and race (F1 has already done that from first race this year)
    – Best slow motion videos of the race (like you did 3 years ago)
    – Crashes and overtakes video but not in analysis format (like you did 3 years ago, so much better)
    – During off-season don't be so lazy to make and upload off-season videos
    – Upload After the Flag to Youtube like last year
    – Upload circuit guide of every grand prix to Youtube (like you did 4 years ago)

  9. EMLT

    Maverick🇪🇸❤ y Valentino🇮🇹💛 I D O L O S 👏👏🏁

  10. Pimo087

    quando il biscottone si ritrova……NEI BOX. Felice che non si siano fatti male, tanto quanto vederli fuori dal tracciato. Dovi..bhe..vai da uno shamano…hai un malocchio!

  11. ChasCrewChief

    Best Moto GP recap ever! Music, action, sound bites 👍

  12. Daffa Athallah Noor Pasya

    What the name of song based this video ?

  13. Benky Bb

    rossi padahal no urut nya 7 langsung ke 3 penggemar i 25 dari hisyam

  14. John D'Aversa

    There is no seat so that they can fit their giant balls on the bike where the seat use to be. True story.

  15. Jose Guillermo de la Rosa

    like si te deteniste, a leer el cartel que decía: VR46 Satanas sabe por Diablo, pero más sabe por viejo que por Diablo. VR46 VÑ25

  16. Anton Amirwandi

    The F1 guys upload highlight videos right after the race now, for free. MotoGP meanwhile wait a bazillion days to upload them, forcing ppl to pay subscribe to their online video subscription, MotoGP needs to catch up.

  17. Kuhn DOMINIK

    Hallo YouTube gemeinde ich hab eine Frage glaubt ihr das marc marquez noch Weltmeister werden kann in dieser Saison

  18. Kuhn DOMINIK

    93 marc marquez startet nicht so gut in die Saison

  19. MikeNoran

    Wicked edit! We want more engine noise! You're one of the last remaining motorsport categories that provides crazy amount of noise. Show it off!