MotoGP Rewind: A recap of the #BritishGP

All the most unmissable moments from the #BritishGP in one place! ——————————————————— Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: …

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49 Responses

  1. Enes Dereli

    How Marc not got penalty after all this moves from him! Fckin spanishs…


    Well done Suzuki Ecstar and Maverick~ At last a Champion after all this yrs~ Just beg tat Suzuki won't sell him~ T.T

  3. Tatiana Puentes

    cual es la maldita costumbre de tirarle la moto a todos q tiene marc. no puede competir de otra forma. es un sucio.

  4. Paulus wibowo

    only stupid fans (fanboy) bash other rider…
    this race is good, motogp is more entertaining with more of these dog fights…
    hope there are more dog fights in future..

  5. Mohamed Amine Rezgui

    who the fuck the one and only one who put a dislike….well it seems to be lorenzo probably :D


    Yes my Suzuki can do it all my support to Suzuki and the riders good job keep going v can still active it

  7. Eric Le Goff

    4:00 Lorenzo spotted in the crowd. Understand now why he was not often shown struggling with the other guys in this video…

  8. sandeep velpula

    watching motogp races keeps me out of all my tensions and worries, a small request from me, in India motogp youtube channel is not available can you please make it possible so that we can watch races in youtube, thank you.. Rossi is a lengend…

  9. sandeep velpula

    motogp we love you…. nail biting rewind… thanks for the rewind.. love you rossi….

  10. WingsOfHorus

    From the perspective of someone who was there that day, I'm puzzled as to why Vinales barely got a cheer from the crowd when he crossed the line. The grandstand I was sat in never moved for Vinales but me and my dad's mates cheered him on all the way as well as fellow Brit Cal! Valentino Rossi has nothing to prove and has earned his title of G.O.A.T no doubt, but his fans are miserable pricks who cheer for no one but him! We loved the race, just not the fans reaction to who won. Rossi got a cheer 4 times louder at least than Vinales did, despite only coming 3rd!
    Do what I do and root for more than one rider, your MotoGPs are more enjoyable that way. I generally root for Marquez and Iannone, but I'm pleased for whoever wins.

  11. gerson ileka

    He is really the doctor for moto Gp rider Valentino rossi.

  12. Đạtt Mộtt Phítt

    I love VR46…..I'm from 🇻🇮🇪🇹 🇳🇦🇲

  13. Hugo Hernandez

    …the best video ever!!!!! Best music ever, very emotional, almost cry, Congratulation!

  14. Aprillia Dewi

    Could Marquez really ride? huhuhu… or he just tried to fill his "passionate lust" and being stup*d while riding? twice being out the track… he didn't even deserve the big five in this race.

  15. iPhonePRO

    When 93 rejoined the track he had an unfair run advantage and took rossi. He should be penalised! the stewards dont even look into it.

  16. MrHalex007

    ECU = suzuki, yamaha, honda, ducati…
    independent market bike.
    Aprilia?? kkkkkk

  17. Aditya Akbar

    his Father yealing at Him. hahaha that a family time right there.

  18. code3kc

    i missed the race, but marquez is running into everyone now? wtf