MotoGP Rewind: A recap of the #CatalanGP

All the most unmissable moments from the #CatalanGP in one place! ——————————————————— Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: …

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47 Responses

  1. José Miguel Recabarren Cabello

    un hermoso gesto, desde alguna parte los esta mirando y haciendo fuerza para que esto sea mucho mejor un gran abrazo

  2. MNMSR _

    Rossi and Marquez are rivals and friends of course but when i saw that Luis Salom 39 died I cried like a baby and I WAS STIL SHOUTING  NOOOO COME BACK PLEASE BE ALIVE !!!! ,Fuck Lorezo he dont have any respect for Luiz         RIP LS39 miss you

  3. Cheun Yong Heng

    this is what I want in MotoGP, both marquez and rossi can shake hand and be friend
    I really can see how bad is last year motogp but hope have a good race this year
    I am a fan of Marc Marquez but also respect the other rider such as rossi, lorenzo and even pedrosa and any other riders

  4. yyGODyy

    if (Motogp > Formula one && Nascar && IndyCar){
    char[ ] say = "Fuck Yeah!"

    It's not even close.

  5. Dominika Weronika

    Always in our hearts LS39 / Siempre en nuestros corazones Mexicano!

  6. Aprillia Dewi

    Rossi was doing all great in this race, his initiation of shaking hands with Marc, his way of riding and maneuver for LS, his great speech, his humble winning celebration. I love them all.

  7. Putra Amungkamo

    pokok ,ga onok duel sing gk apik lek ambek mbah rossi.

  8. Francesco Ciorpoido

    rossi should have been a politician as well as pilot.. this handshake, all publicity lol…
    good move at the right moment

  9. Sarah Van Moore

    yeah they are friends again…so marques will b more wise.rather Rossi or Lorenzo are his he wouldn't protect one of them move from Rossi, he deserve a fair battle.decent man, beautiful heart and great personality.we love you our heart champion! and the arrogant Lorenzo?I hope you understand that rossi never be replaced by someone arrogant as you!! no matter how many times you win.the true winner is the one who can make this motogp worth to watch! Valle is going to win this season!!

  10. supi dupi

    ich hoffe rossi wird das nicht passieren ich liebe ihn

  11. Priskila Ratnasari

    So, finally both of Vale and Marq decided to reconcile?? They shook each other hands, didn't they?? By the way, who was LS 39?

  12. christos lambrinos

    2:12 reminds me the battle of 2009 at the same straight from the same camera

  13. papa giovanni

    Rispetto per Luis sempre, magnifico Valentino che ha interpretato la gara in un modo favoloso, pessimo Andrea che ha buttato una gara che poteva esser ottima per la Ducati.

  14. Dark-ace03

    Toi qui n'aimais pas perdre, qui était un guerrier à chaque grand prix pour faire la meilleure performance possible.. RIP Luis Salom, on ne t'oubliera jamais, tu seras toujours dans nos cœurs. #39 #Mexicano

  15. Mohammed Bilal

    great win for rossi46 the doctor and yes luis salam is always in our heart!!!

  16. Николай Чепкасов

    Почему обязательно кто-то должен был умереть, чтобы между Марком и Росси был мир? Не смотрел мото 2, но парня жалко… Надеюсь после смерти есть жизнь лучше нашей.