MotoGP Rewind: A recap of the #CzechGP

All the most unmissable moments from the #CzechGP in one place! ——————————————————— Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: …

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20 Responses

  1. animal father

    amazing cal! one by one you beat and overtake them….

  2. Genapex

    Good to see Crutchlow winning finally. The dude was a straight beast in Supersport back in the day

  3. closedcl8

    Cal Crutchlow finally nailed it. Not on a Ducati, but that's OK. It's his due. Masterful performance, brilliant strategy from LCR.
    Also, Rossi scored some key points, and Jor-gee's arrogance cost him.

  4. SoFiAnE VR

    Where is lorenzo!!!!!!! hahahaha. The first one who finds out he must tell me, i'm waiting.
    Forza Vale, Salute the Doctor; from the 12 to the 2nd place, a real legend.

  5. Gabriel Braca

    Congrats and everything but why did you call everyone wimps???, this was your first victory ever.

  6. xxxAngelikaxxx

    Such a classic race, I have really enjoyed it, probably GP of the year for me so far.

  7. inkitatus1

    Best race of the season so far- can't beat a bit of rain to sort the men from the boys 🙌 🇬🇧

  8. Nicholas Francis

    Why are we having so many wet races this year? I miss the dry