MotoGP™ Rewind: A recap of the #FinalShowdown

We look at all of the most unmissable moments from the #ValenciaGP! ——————————————————— Visit The Official Website: …

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48 Responses

  1. Marko Petkovic

    Stupid edition. this year cant be worst from rewind. Every time he create race like he want, put commentators in wrong pictures. idiot, idiot idiot. srooy my english is not good i give my best

  2. Kevin Salas Inzulza

    What a big heart Marquez has. Well deserved championship for him and his team

  3. I progamer della play

    Bastardo di merda si rifarà ĺ anno prossimo il Dovi

  4. outwiththem

    Sorry for Ducati-So many years close to win, then lose. Maybe next year.

  5. prashant manral

    I am so proud to be a MM93 fan. He is just pure magic.


    I'm supporting Rossi but all riders deserve your respect and admiration. What is the use of insulting others that you probably never even met in person? Just enjoy the amazing races you are having the privilege to watch. These past 2 seasons have been incredible with more to come! #DontHateAppreciate

  7. Ranier Garcia

    El Dovi no tenía ritmo. Y Márquez dejó pasar a Zarco al comienzo por qué quiso. No sé q esperaba Ducati. Ganar un título por caída d otro. Vaya celebración q meritorio.

  8. fatunicorn 46

    Would love to see Dovi in the podium but karma hits like a bitch

  9. Carles Moreu

    Marc marquez is crowned the 2017 moto GP world chamion
    Never say never in moto gp

  10. Ivan Jovanovic

    Put Zarco in a Ducati or Honda and he will win the title

  11. Infinity rider

    We love Valentino rossi we hate other racers we need Valentino Rossi in our life’s(he’s so inspirational

  12. Pandu Dewa

    The fastest racer and great team is the champion, because this is a motogp. 93 congratulations on your victory 👍👍

  13. maximus monster

    best save of all time goes to marc still not a fan of him but got to give him props but what was Lorenzo doing

  14. Sam Yogik

    Yes MM93 win the champions of motogp world champions for indonesia

  15. Nicholas Veri

    This is why i love MotoGP ❤

    MotoGP is the BEST SPORT EVER!

    The ECU regulations just make the championship more and more interesting.

  16. Yasin Mustafa

    i dont like Marq in 2015, i like him before. broke the dream VR 46. And Now I don't like againnn…

  17. Nanda kumar

    Always takes risks no matter the situation. Well deserved championship for Marc!