MotoGP Rewind: A recap of the #FrenchGP

We look at all of the most unmissable moments from the #FrenchGP! ——————————————————— Visit The Official Website: …

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25 Responses

  1. Ninad Ganore

    Rossi fans are so shameless , they were so happy to see marc crash in front of them, i can't wait for them to leave.

  2. Motos Fly Pasión

    Vídeo de Vídeos ufffffffffffffffffffffff

  3. Gede Dule

    Vinales didn't get penalty? hmmm spanish…

  4. james rathod

    Great race but sad ending , reminds me of the movie TITANIC.

  5. Blu3 Sk1es

    1 question : what do i need to do if i want to enter the motogp"world" to be a rider in motogp ?

  6. Saqib Sharieff

    Always Valentino Rossie do heart touchin..dramas since his inception in motogp, n makes motogp exorbitant a movie, he is always the legend of legends, proved the whole world, now no matter he lose or win…he has won trillions of heart all over the globe..

  7. Tien Nguyen

    46 idol của tui bị rớt này. đau lòng

  8. Samuele Riva

    I think that Vale will win the Championship! Forza Vale!!

  9. Melon Head

    Vale is a racer to the bone. instead of accepting his mistake and settling for 2nd place, he tried to make his bike do the impossible. paid a high price for it. what a shame

  10. The Love of Cars

    We've made our own best saves compilation on our channel feel free to check it out and let us know what you think 🙂

  11. Aditya Akbar

    damn i lose myself when i saw jarco first..

  12. Laura Wood

    My heart sunk when marquez crashed but well done zarco

  13. RidhoGaming

    im just want rossi win on the french gp. but im just so sad when rossi crash

  14. Rein Rivai

    rossi fan is cancer. plz go make rossigp. so rossi can always win

  15. 7thyre

    am I the only one who thought it just a nightmare? so sad 😂

  16. Helen Athanasiadou

    It was the most heartbreaking, stressful and emotional race so far