MotoGP Rewind: A recap of the #GermanGP

All the most unmissable moments from the #GermanGP in one place!

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46 Responses

  1. MrDjambronk

    Jack Miller thinks he gonna won the second GP in a row haha

  2. Oscar Blanco

    93 ojala te pase lo que a pedrosa que encima tienes suerte lloron

  3. IceStarBlue

    I don't know why Lorenzo keeps dropping when he gets overtaken

  4. Super Bikes Rule

    Nicely done vid! I love these guys! Modern warriors … super pilots …. just awesome skills!

  5. Chad Akerstache

    Randy De Puniet forever The greatest GP rider, just because he doesn't have 10 championships to his name means nothing! Give him equal machinery and he would show up the likes of rossi and marquez quite easily!

  6. Groovistico Alex

    Shitty lottery race for those who like random results. They should invent some rules to prevent riders gaining unfair advantage on tyre changes.

  7. Playtime

    Endlich mal ein Video was etwas länger geht, sprich mehr Inhalt! Gefällt mir….46

  8. Enes Dereli

    I think Lorenzo sucked up last few races, another easy championship for Marquez. damn Rossi you could win that race and you deserve it. when ı watching race, it was big disappointment for me :/

  9. Mery Linda Kesuma

    Maturity kicked in, Marc is even stronger than ever!

  10. lemon lim

    Why the riders have to go to the pit and change their bikes?

  11. Joey Ramirez

    giant, dry-line and only Marquez swaps on time. missed opportunities for the rest. looking at YOU Jackass.

  12. Sebastião Felipe de Paiva 22

    Marc Márquez é o cara da MOTO GP 👏👏🇪🇸👏👏

  13. SN13K3R

    I was there at the penultimate corner and it was amazing! :)