MotoGP Rewind: A recap of the #JapaneseGP

All the most unmissable moments from the #JapaneseGP in one place! ——————————————————— Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: …

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25 Responses

  1. Jack “NintendoWiiFan44” Lawton

    At least Jorge didn't win. This is my 2nd year watching motogp and I didn't want Lorenzo to be champion again. Congrats to Marquez on tying him for championships though

  2. Rajanikant


  3. Notmy Name

    Marquez has victory sealed, now his only mission is to play games with Rossi and finally kick Rossis handle bars at 300kph and watch him die

  4. Denys Yaroshenko

    Yes Marquez champion. But only a few realize that such an easy victory did not bring true pleasure.

  5. Kamel Safar Zitoun

    Look what he's doing at 2:52

    #Marc93 is doing an Eric Cantona kung-fu kick.


  6. Dao Quang

    it's 2016 and they still upload 720p, even though they have all the money to record at better resolution

  7. Dhika Greenly

    go the baby allien.. 4 world champion again…. = rossi!!!! jossss #93

  8. antonio bor

    the Best, only 23 years…….5 World championship…., Márquez 👍👍👍

  9. Marco R.J.

    These videos are so epic !!! Love the way they are showed!

  10. x-force-entertainment

    hello motogp-team… this music is awesome! not the "in action"!