MotoGP™ Rewind: A recap of the #MalaysianGP

All the most unmissable moments from the #MalaysianGP in one place! Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: Visit The Official Website: …

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35 Responses

  1. Slim Harrathi

    Valentino rossi , 9 times world championship, over 350 races over a 100 victories, is he stupid enough to kick a 200 KG bike off and get a penalty to lose the championship ?????? Marquez deliberately let lorenzo through and then he wanted to have the fight of his life with Vale, Maybe rossi wanted to push him wide on that specific corner but he never kicked him off his bike because he knows the consequences . Marquez proved his point in Valencia when he was doing 31.0 31.5 matching loenzo's lap times for 30 laps like a bodyguard . ???? Dorna Sports ?? race direction ???? a shame on carmelo ezpeleta and javier alonso ????? they decided to kill the sport after a fantastic 2015 season and great battles . Valentino got stolen by a little boy . but no matter what happen VR46 will remain the greatest one the big one the most important man the Motorsports has ever seen .

  2. Hung Hung

    ông áo cam ôm sát quá
    bị ngã quả ấy tiếc vãi

  3. Vincenzo Scandizzo

    Bimbominkia sei una testa di caxxo e antisportivo testa di caxxo

  4. 〖ƝƁƘ〗

    si dovrebbe vergognare la Spagna intera per avere due piloti umiliati da tutto il mondo per la loro slealtà

  5. Misha Vinnik

    Vale Mark showed what the "road rush" )))
    Vale best of the best!!!

  6. Anthony Ko

    why no body asked the movie is changed angle at every critical moment, that we cannot see the actual fact.

  7. jack jones

    what annoys me most about this incident, is that Marquez went straight back to the pits! he could have carried on and scored points, but his feelings were too hurt to do the manly thing!

  8. Cinzia Visani

    complimenti à chi gestisce il sito cancella tutte le risposte, cugini di markez….

  9. ili31able

    Anche se con un calcio non si puo buttare giu una moto GP, l'intenzione dalla parte di rossi c'era, ( l'ha chiuso rallentando a portarlo fuori) Rossi non aveva piu le palle per continuare , ha mollato davanti a Marquez,pero nel suo modo …facendo un po la vittima,doveva lottare e basta come stava facendo il guerrero Marquez ,duello tra uomini …..

  10. Herdi Zain

    Sy yakin klo Rossi udh pensiun moto GP pasti ga seruu dan ga rame, krna Rossi di knal ramah dgn para fans dan lawan" nya, Rossi slalu di hati para fans spanjang masaa, marcuez blm bisa menyaingi prestasi Valentino Rossi, msih bnyak bljar…!!!

  11. Ankur Mahto

    Rossi : (In Tony Montana Style) You wanna play rough? Say hello to my little friend😂 😂 😂..!!
    Fuck yeah.. that little cunt deserved it