MotoGP Rewind: A recap of the #QatarGP

We look at all of the most unmissable moments from the #QatarGP! Visit The Official Website: Official App on iTunes: …

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29 Responses

  1. Amrullah am

    semoga vinales tidak bernasib seperti lorenzo dahulu, menang di yamaha dan tersingkir di yamaha

  2. Zuni Aprio

    New innovation : adding nick harris and matt birt voice

  3. Subhasis Pany

    My god..Nick harris,u r amazing.Without u moto gp is nothing.

  4. Chelsea Balog

    Can we PLEASE get Marquez's father out of the garage? Gotta let go sometime, Dad.

  5. Jose Rodriguez

    The master, The king, The Legend. VR46.

  6. แดกตีนกูมั้ยหละ ไอ้หน้าหี!!

    99 noob

  7. Jon Lerum

    Great race! The season is finally here! Go Rossi Go!!! 😎🏍🇸🇪🍻

  8. cristian lessieur

    Aujourd'hui Marquez est le Meilleur Pilote Moto GP Suivi de Lorenzo et Attention Avec le Rooky Viñales Quand à V.Rossi c'est de l'histoire ancienne il est bien Gentil mais il craint que Marquez Batte ses Reccords Je Pensse Qu'il devrait passare a autre chose il s'entête à vouloir gagner un Mondial ça fait plus de 10 ans qu'il n gratté rien il fait de la peine!

  9. Karen Hansen

    omg I have been out of watching Motogp for too long…Lorenzo rides for Ducati now? Who is riding for Yamaha then?

  10. wewow46

    go find some editor!!! don't just put random orchestra music on your video!! volume of the opening is hurting my ears.. fuck…
    i love 46 BTW

  11. Marcos Díaz Martín

    Awesome QatarGP Rewind this year. More intense!

  12. Suputra A

    I just imagine how if Zarco race with Prototype Bike… Amazing!!!

  13. Sastra Sunario

    vinales semoga adem " sm rossi… kalian berdua jagoan q… yg mn pun yg menang antara kelan keren dah

  14. Sidhant Megh9

    can anyone tell Rossi palace in Qatar GP ?

  15. H Siregar

    Its ok for me to miss watching other sport matches or races I wanna watch but NOT MOTOGP! Not even a blink! 😂