MotoGP™ riders talk about the new circuit layout in Montmelo

In the Press Conference on Thursday, various MotoGP™ riders talked about the revised layout for the Catalunya Circuit this weekend.

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35 Responses

  1. Daniele Bondesan

    riescono a peggiorarlo sempre di piu,give back the first layout

  2. McQueen1000RR

    They should have increased the radius of the corner instead, that would have added runoff. They have ruined the layout with this.

  3. Darrell Stapleton

    Ask Jack Miller about the new lay out 😂😂 Sorry buddy…

  4. Imma Pain

    It will be a dangerous bottle neck. Expect a red flag on lap 1 as 10 Moto3 pilots knock each other out.

  5. Private Factory

    This is extremely stupid layout, now what can happen is if you crash in the beginning of the S you can easily hit someone who is in it's second half. It would have been much better if they just removed two grand stands and extended the gravel trap. A rider death on the race track is always a tragedy, but for instance at IOM TT every year someone dies and nobody gives a damn, thats a risky sport not a picnic.

  6. Axel Putra

    Just choose one of 4 Spanish tracks in calendar to expand

  7. Jerry Joe

    I remember when racing used to be dangerous & everyone knew it.

  8. TheBunsofCinnamon

    What happened to Luis last year was a painful loss, but the fact is it was a freak accident that happened on a track layout that had been run for over a quarter of a century before its occurrence.

    They're butchering a beautiful track

  9. knilchispam

    the riders dont like it, the Fans dont like it. Bring back the old Layout! Overreacting at its best, Make more Gravel and everybody is happy.

  10. Naufal Irsyad

    why make new one? why don't just use F1 layout. if safety is priority isn't with F1 layout bike approach the corner where luis salom died (RIP) slower than the current chicane?

  11. Stark Raven

    We want the fast last two turns. I think the riders want the fast last two turns. I'm hoping this is due to the Catalunya management not having enough money or property to add runoff to the final sections and not a "we're too lazy to fix it" deal.

  12. Michael Marvisya

    Please MotoGP bring back turn 10 corner :'(

  13. tdyerwestfield

    It ruins the circuit. Simple as. 90° corners kill motorcycling circuits so when you add 3 of them where there was 0 before, that ruins the flow, no doubt about it.

  14. VaselzGr

    in the second layout its for Formula 1? but this layout its stupid

  15. alexiscayetano

    They have absolutely destroyed the circuit

  16. Rossi the Bossi

    This is really sad and a complete over-reaction. The tragic events of last year were caused because there was tarmac runoff all the way up to to barriers, which meant that if anyone came off they would not slow down. The correct and sensible reaction would be to replace that tarmac runoff with gravel, problem solved.

    Much like F1 did after the awful events in japan 2014, the reaction from the FIA/FIM are completely over the top and unnecessary.

    RIP Jules Bianchi, RIP Luis Salom.

  17. Matthew Panini

    What a shit idea, the last corners were bad enough as it is in F1, but it's even worse in the MotoGP

    Bring back the last 2 corners or remove this track from the calendar, bring back South Africa or introduce a new track instead.

  18. Damyan Popov

    Why don't they use the F1 layout like last year? New chicane with new asphalt just to cause more problems?

  19. Deschamps Piston Team

    a bwoah shit new corner.
    If a driver die in the 1st corner, you will change the 1st corner also ??????????

  20. john martin

    rossi says that a corner is a corner, no big deal