MotoGP™ riders talk Circuit of the Americas

We caught up with various riders from the premier class to gather their thoughts on the challenging circuit in Austin, Texas. Visit The Official Website: …

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35 Responses

  1. McobraR

    The moment when marquez is talking then the camera slowly moves left and you just see vinales with that stare hes been giving marquez at every press conference ROFL!
    I think there must be a monitor showing the guys where the camera is, you see cal smiling behind vinales during his stare lol

  2. Giggs Black

    dnf on the last race, but still on the press conference today. that is really funny… 😒

  3. PyRoTECniQues

    Marc is unbeaten in North America. cota is his backyard and with Maverick very good so far we might be in for a good battle between these two this sunday!

  4. muhammad shofwan

    every racing drivers around the world favorite word "For Sure". 😁😁

  5. ronzy grimmjow

    Is cal's honda a different company than marquee repsol Honda?

  6. erick rogelio hernandez flores

    alguien sabe xq estan obligados a hablar en ingles?

  7. vulture vautour

    uuuuu where's Márquez husband? Is Lorenzo no longer invited to the press conference? Good no seeing that scum there, even though his dirty made Márquez is still there.

  8. Try Again

    and happy with the repsol ,ok keep strong on fire marc💪

  9. Aziz Irismetov

    а теперь с переводом pleas


    The only and always laughing face. MM93. Rossi staring at MM. WTf

  11. engelinasofi sofi


  12. n7hevn

    It sure is nice to not see Lorenzo on the interview panel..! Hope he stays with Ducati, a long time!

  13. dai2shonanmaru


  14. Jose Guillermo de la Rosa

    Quién vino porque la portada se ve que Valentino está hablando hizo un chistes y Márquez y Viñales se están riendo? yo✋✋✋