MotoGP™ rolls through the streets of Florence

Sam Lowes, Francesco Bagnaia, Danilo Petrucci and Andrea Migno take to the streets of Florence ahead of the #ItalianGP …

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43 Responses

  1. Matt8

    Confortable mood with those one in the city right? 😉 W Firenze!

  2. Death Stroke

    this video reminds me of Assassin's creed 2, where i roamed the streets of Fiorentina

  3. u9Nails

    You are missed #69 💟 Love and peace to the Hayden family.

  4. пидофил дядя Леша

    Ну херь,согласитесь !

  5. 진대근

    으휴 병주고 약주고 봉준호 잘가라 프랑스변태들하고.

  6. Fah Jir Ro Jexkc Sparow

    kapucino frento purto masamba togello kalusto sumintono

  7. James Parkin

    I always thought it would be cool to have a street circuit race for moto gp like the formula 1 Monaco gp

  8. JBL Asutavario

    thumbnail looked like a scene from a computer game

  9. PastyPuertoRican

    MtoGP in its heartland! Forza Ducati!!

  10. Fabio Vit

    Music completly wrong for Italy and Florence. Bad video.

  11. Frank Matano

    where is Andrea dovizioso and Andrea iannone

  12. xxxAngelikaxxx


    Little Migno as a barista :'D <3

    Italy….why am I not living there yet??