MotoGp Sepang test 2017 PURE SOUND

2017 Pre-season Test @ Sepang Circuit – Malaysia.

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38 Responses

  1. Lonz 2046

    Maybe am old fashion, but for me 500cc is the best music ever… forever.

  2. tmactmacy

    I'm confused- when warming up/testing the bike they show them going up through the gears using GP (aka reverse) shift pattern. But then when the riders get on the bikes, they are kicking down into first gear. Do GP bikes have neutral at the top instead of between first and second gear?

  3. doubletripplep

    All this amaziong footage but only 60 seconds for Suzuki, the best sounding bike out of all!

  4. Latino Heat

    Man these machines are absolutely brilliant, I feel the immense power it produces. Salute those riders who can handle these with an ease …

  5. AndreW M

    I´m about to give up on Rossi, if this year he is not competitive, i'm already looking at Viñales since last year, he even faster than Rossi on preseason, i'm Wondering why? He made the biggest mistake of his career switching to Ducati team, since then, he isn't the same. Anyone think the same?

  6. 883 SK

    preciosas todas ellas iiioooooooo,a ver si las echan por vodafone tambien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Clint Mayes

    man id give anything to work and travel with a motogp team

  8. marc lippert

    just watched every second, and know my heart rate is crazy high. That's just beautiful.
    2 million dollar bikes.

  9. Paul Oliver

    Great footage but, enjoy it whilst you can ! no doubt it will get deleted for copyright infingerment

  10. Coco Puff

    I thought motogp bikes have reverse shifting. On 7:00 mark Rossi had his foot shift to first gear as down.
    Enlighten me. 🖕🤓

  11. Squeegied 3rdeye

    verrry nice upload. definitely got me pumped for this season and Jorge looks weird on the Ducati

  12. adam brown

    I think it's interesting how each manufacturer's engine sounds unique. Wish I could find what their cylinder configurations are. I know Ducati is a V4.