MotoGP™ – Stoner vs Pedrosa

Until his retirement at the end of the 2012 season, double MotoGP™ World Champion Casey Stoner enjoyed numerous battles with rival Dani Pedrosa down the …

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43 Responses

  1. V. B.

    In lower classes Pedrosa was the best. In motogp however his small stature is not helping him. 30 victories but no title.

  2. Rocío Jaenes

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  3. kingdom9214

    I miss watching Stoner race, I would love to see Marquez vs Stoner. However I do feel for Dani, he has had a career plagued with serious injuries. I would love to see him win a title, but it would imagine Honda will be dropping him in the next year or 2.

  4. sportstir1200

    2 world championships to Stoner, 0 Pedrosa nuff said

  5. Nik Fahmi

    I have more respect for Pedrosa compare to Stoner. Hopefully one day, Pedrosa will win one MotoGp world title. So far, he did well in being in the top 5 in the world championship standing. All the best Pedrosa.

  6. Djole Djordjevic

    I'm sorry for Pedrosa. In this competition he will not win the title… It is my opinion

  7. MaggotDiggo1

    Pedrosa's race number 26, Stoners race number 27. Speaks for itself really.

  8. jggji nygv


  9. damocosmo

    Jaime Serrano.. so you're happy to talk about how Pedrosa was injured for a few races in 2011 but seem to have trouble remembering that Stoner was injured for nearly half of 2013?? Stoner vs Pedrosa on any bike, in any statistic is no comparison at all, Stoner is head and shoulders above Pedrosa, no pun intended.

  10. Johnnybegood705

    Stoner for sure !! without a doubt,i'll always remember when he rode that screamer engined Ducati

  11. Jaime Serrano

    the first year of Stoner in Honda was not so clear that he was better than Pedrosa. Ok, Stoner won the championsip, but remember that Pedrosa at the fourth race get injuried by Simoncelli. And in his second year, Pedrosa won more races than Stoner

  12. amin usop

    rossi ,stoner and Lorenzo are better than pedrosa but I still choose pedrosa he is the best …

  13. clara zefanya

    Dani, whatever will happen, you always the best for me 🙂

  14. Ross Freddy McKenzie

    Dani Pedrosa & Valentino Rossi are the best racers in MotoGP…..stoner is shit….hes always complaining

  15. Ross Freddy McKenzie

    Dani Pedrosa and Valentink Rossi are the best ridera in MotoGP…..stoner is shit…..every time he didnt win he also said he had chatter or a mechanical faught

  16. baronesbc

    Pedrosa is a very very fast driver, but in motogp he had a lot of bad luck, falls, injuries, bikes not always competitive.. Stoner won in 2011, but Pedrosa was injured..

  17. nixxxon18

    Pedrosa BEAT THE SHIT out of Stoner and everyone else in the lower categories, sadly the MotoGP bikes are a bit too big for little Pedrosa.