MotoGP Tutorials – Scott Redding explains the use of “Strategies Buttons”

Bask to #Sepang test with Scott Redding explaining the use of “Strategies Buttons” of his Ducati Desmosedici GP 2016.

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25 Responses

  1. Damian De

    That’s cheating mate! … but honestly too much electronic involvement in motorsport for fake sake!

  2. Odd Eleven

    ohh… I thought Bike racing was still fairly clean. Launch control? Oh well. Probably lots of fun still 🙂

  3. juninhocavini

    Tanta tecnologia, motos de 5 milhões de euros e manopla amarrada com arame…

  4. Kev

    Where's the flying mode button? Rocket launcher? Fog maker?

  5. nsrracing1

    Man what's the point of a rider of everything is practically automated. The only real bikes that will or ever be are grand prix 500cc bikes. Those required real skills. God skills

  6. OscarWhiskeyFoxtrot

    It would be much faster without the rider.

  7. Tt Ss

    I love these videos this is stuff you never get to see up close and personal since this shit is like some giant secret. We all know the electronics etc are going to be kept quiet and im cool with that but it would be nice to see the whole bike what kind of things they have that aren't on production bikes etc etc

  8. Don

    Don't kill motogp like F1 with all these Electronic aids , Let the rider alone win on his own..