MotoGP || Valencia 2017 || Race Highlights

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14 Responses

  1. Géssi Sánchez

    ¡ Felicitaciones Marc Márquez! ¡ Campeón Mundial 2017 del Campeonato del mundo Grand-MotoGP! Gracias!

  2. Bonomi Bruno

    marquez is a cat on his moto…..compliment and i hope next year will come nr 7

  3. gabri12ful

    Honda fucking garbage they road bikes absolutely shit, they make no motorcycles with any passion. I would have love Ducati to win the championship, they put passion and style within every motorcycle they make, look they bought out a v4 motorcycle in no time and it is actually affordable, not something pretentious like Honda.

  4. Mayat Brutalista

    Marquez'z move is really unbelieveable. the first ever rider who can do that move. so brilliant. congratulation to MM93, Honda, and all the team crew. super campione !

  5. piergiorgio goldoni

    Marqez: No comeant

    Lorenzo: Antisportsmanship made person

    Dovizioso: Great Lord

  6. MotoGP Fans Club

    I've deleted all the comments with insults and i will do it with any other.
    This is a great sport, we don't need soccer fans here