MotoGP™ vs. IndyCar

What’s faster: 2 wheels or 4? Dani Pedrosa pits his MotoGP bike against an IndyCar at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: …

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23 Responses

  1. Jackson DeRuyter

    dude he is hitting the rev limiter on that indy car

  2. Sir Steve

    This was a staged play time not an actual race. The bike would have superior acceleration and the car would have better corner speed and braking thanks to downforce and four large contact patches to the road. When all is said and done I know which one takes the biggest balls to pilot at race speeds….

  3. WheatJ718

    Where's a video that actually shows the F1 car showing what it's really capable of in comparison to bikes? Too many people are convinced that bikes are faster… or reference videos like this one to prove they're just as fast around a track, not realizing the F1 is lollygagging.

  4. Pitfut Italia PRO

    obiusli is impossible what a Moto wim vs F1… impossible

  5. david jdmz 57

    a race of suspense!, because a grazed the rear tire and this would end badly!

  6. Ed Solano

    Ese formula uno tiene poder para dejar a cualquier moto por mas cilindrada fuera de combate ??…PERO en este caso el piloto del formula..Indy Car no sabe conducir lo ubiera hecho mejor yo…jajaja..Que malo en serio ¡¡¡

  7. Julian Steele

    The track was wet idiots! No fucking shit they're not gonna go balls to the wall in a promo video and risk Dani getting hurt.
    Whatever happened to appreciating a video for what it is!? Everyone is a fucking critic.