MotoGP – West German 500cc GP – Hockenheimring – 1989.

A Great Circuit now ruined by the F1 Bore Fest Brigade.This was also the last”West German Grand Prix”,because later this year the Berlin Wall came down,from then on it became the”German Grand Prix”.

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  2. bikezonly

    Aaahhh…. Back in the days when world motorcycle racing was simpler. Look at some of the guys on the grid before the start. A few wore shorts and there's a guy without a shirt.

  3. bikezonly

    yds250 You named "F1 Bore Fest Brigade" aptly! Thanks for this upload.

  4. SkyPilot

    2 stroke legends.
    Doohan…. the best of them all. Epic period in motorcycle history. 🚵

  5. Bertram Inc.

    Yamaha screwed up royally by letting Lawson go. They should have paid him triple!

  6. Samo Poljanšek

    this was the real motogp and real sport now it ia juat the point about the bike with all the electronic. those riders were real talents i am not saing riders now are not talented but now it is all about bike ducati rules the straits gor exaple. what is the point of the sport if the mashines are so diffrent.

  7. Yagirlshprd

    I used to love the fact suzuki sold official pepsi colours for road bikes….34 for ever….

  8. Fernando Poza

    AMA drivers please, I want to see more flags with stars and stripes again!!

  9. lachlan hogg

    They actually changed the circuit because fans attending the track complained about not seeing the cars enough so they shortened the track

  10. James Spignola

    Damn those tracks were dangerous back then!
    I remember this era well
    Spencer had completely pussed by then and Rainey was beginning his dominance

  11. Art Mchugh

    Something that you can't say about today's moto GP, so buddy where did you finish? oooo hell 35th 😄😄😄

  12. Subbie Jon

    I had forgotten just how bad mr nuttal was at commenting. He just hadn't got a clue and could make a good race sound boring..

  13. gixxerboy555

    Kevin Schwantz…Fast Freddie Spencer…Wayne Rainey…omg these whre the times of real MotoGP…with the allmighty light and very powerfull 2-stroke bikes…

  14. BringBack500s

    Talking about the modern era (last 15 years) the only rider who would be capable of fighting up the front with these guys would be Rossi.
    Now, apart from reacting like the teen girls that you are, this is a fact. The rest, apart from maybe Pedrosa, who would be a typical 2nd in any team, to make up the numbers. The rest (looking at you 99 93 etc) would either be maimed or dead from crashing terribly, or more than likely lynched by the fans for your blatantly fraudulent and dishonest behaviour in 2015.
    Personally I would guarantee burning your motorhomes and having a rather good barbecue because thats all I can imagine you are good for. Apart from narcissistic oriented cheating thats all you have in your favour. Carry on.

  15. Mario Silva

    yes,the only guy to the same was Valentino Rossi when he chance honda for Yamaha,but when edie lawson change Yamaha to honda the diference on the bikes they are not sow diferent. rest my case

  16. stripervince1

    the golden age when 2 stroke racing was better than sex with the swedish bikini team. fucking 2 stroke sound rules the planet

  17. excollier114

    Yep the F! brigade destroyed this beautiful fast flowing classic circuit forever.
    I remember watching this race live, breathtaking stuff.

  18. studley2436

    I miss the old Hockenheimring. F1 was much better when it raced on the old circuit.

  19. Steady Eddie

    Lawson still thought that it is not in the final lap. He was mortifying.