Muslim Girl Does Car Speeding Drift Prank On A Guy

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39 Responses

  1. 2000 teiki

    What is interesting?
    People in countries with few words are crap!

  2. isaiac165

    I didn't see any drifting but still funny as FUK!!!

  3. Alex Montgomery

    that guy was truly fearing for his life lmao did u see his phone shaking in his hand? lmao

  4. quocphu01

    I think the poor guy in deep shock, it too dramatic because life dangering, it is not a good idea to shock ppl that deep and pretend it a joke truely it is not funny.

  5. Roy Azhar

    faye kushairi, from malaysia, an actress… but she was a former car racer before being an actress.

  6. Spanish Jo

    Wah…she is the best beautiful Muslim driver!

  7. BlastForward

    Did she get here clothes from VeilSide? 😀

  8. rhannay39

    He wears a white watch: there's nothing else that needs to be said.

  9. Farhan Zaidi

    Fuhhh…Serba boleh faye ni..brlakon boleh..drift kreta boleh…Rampas Suami org pon Boleh…Huhuhu . ..

  10. Wiwit Sugianto

    I am not focus on the video…I am only focus on the driver…she is so beautyfull…she is very very hot woman…..😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Ethan Brotton

    i hate how people keep writing allah akbar.

    its spelt allahu akbar!

  12. tangled Line

    Ahh geez…Couldn't she just be a middle eastern chick? Too many people making Muslims look like a race from a country named Islam. I am fairly sure this is against Islam religion..

  13. harleycharley

    Not cool…dangerous trick…velly stupido

  14. Bob Scorpion

    Yeah did you watch the news anytime this year

  15. Bob Scorpion

    Not funny, they really do run people over.

  16. Mark Robert

    that was very risky, you could run into a real accident !!