My first time driving a Rally Car… did I suck?

I have a lot of pavement and tarmac experience… but none of that matters on the dirt. Huge thank you to Jerry for setting this all up! Make sure to check out his …

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24 Responses

  1. Martin Arscott

    Great fun ! I also did a rally driving experience day and set the fastest lap time, have done single seaters a few times too, they're my favourite 🙂

  2. 3 borks for my dicc gettin in the blender

    nice but americans can only drive in straight lines

  3. MeatBall

    Isn't the brz rear-wheel drive? Aren't most rally cars awd?

  4. Christopher King

    Starting to get the hang. Definitely get Jerry down to CAli; would he use his Sti? If he does, probably needs an overhaul. Great vids you two.

  5. ExStatic Bass

    Yeah there's a lot to dirt driving. It's when you get into Gymkhana which is much like that which Dirt3 then you start to mix the two techniques. Drifting isn't hard if you can just allow yourself to feel the car. For me its a zen thing. I was pretty sure you'd catch on quick. Jerry, well he's just an awesome freak of nature whom we all seem to love. Anyway you slice it you guys are pretty great together or apart.

  6. Acid001

    +JayzTwoCents I think you need to stop opening these vids with a defensive statement. If people have an issue with it, they can stuff it. Your channel is mainly tech, but your channel name doesn't suggest it's ONLY a tech channel.

    I'm just like you. My name is Jason, we were both large, you lost a shit ton of weight, congrats. I'm still heavy, but trying to work on it. Tech and cars are two things I love a lot. I just don't have the means to have a car I can take to a track and drive.

    I love both things, and every now and then doing something different isn't a bad thing. I mean, I started up a very basic fledgling channel for gaming and tech, and it's downright frustrating trying to think of new content to put up on youtube. Specially original content. SO many people end up doing vids on the same topics, and it's hard to break through.

    And people expect top-notch video production. I don't have the equipment or means of production on this level at the moment. It's rough, and I appreciate the skill and time that's taken to make these videos as good as possible.

  7. Victor McDonald

    This is awesome I would love to try this!

  8. Joe Dunn

    Can someone tell me why they used the BRZ instead of a WRX?

  9. Sam Morgan

    omg jay you did amazing!!! great vid man! love those drone shots EPIC!!!!

  10. Tobias Östh

    Too little rev sounds, too much music.

  11. packman67ny

    Awesome videos as always. Subaru, love it – Brz where they any good?

  12. michael bray

    Glad you guys got to have a blast and it's always fun learning something new like this

  13. Da_Justice!

    If you call this a rally car then kill your self.

  14. nerxboy

    lmao the cinematic shots of you putting on the hlemet jesus overkill xdd