My Summer Car – DRAG RACE

Drag racing in my summer car Instagram ▻ My Twitter ▻ My PC …

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37 Responses

  1. Nicholas Baynes

    speirs new computer 2k17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adam Yahan

    why dont u just move ur old hdd or ssd to ur new pc lol

  3. Philipp Eichinger

    9:42 look in the mirror on the windshield theres the interior of the muscle car not the satsuma

  4. FuZe Johnny

    When you say your intro fast it sounds like "hey what's up guys it's scarce here" 😂

  5. Aussie fisher and Soft plastics

    Spires could you do a face came video

  6. jackisawatermelon - Q and A, lots more

    6:43 all car pepole when some one dose some thing to the car "THE MOMENT WE GET OUT IM GOING TO KILL YOU YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS TO RUN STARTING ……. NOW!!!!!!!! lol

  7. Donovan Stitt

    hey its my birth day in 1 day so if you could sub to me it would be great no joke its my bday

  8. Mystik336

    3:46 This makes me sad while sitting here with my Intel Core 2 Duo and 2 GB GPU :D

  9. Mikuláš Malcovský

    You need to roll down the window to lean left :D

  10. Buddy Gaming

    Speirs i'm 12 I'd come be your son bro i love cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If i send my adoption will you sign them? lol

  11. Honda/ Fisherman pro

    Hey spears can have your old computer what do you say about that

  12. Tristan Deshong

    so wht are u going to do withyor old pc i would love to havee it

  13. SCAV3N93R

    O…..M…..G speirs hate snow….. How can he.. A canadian hates snow

  14. Teddy Malinowski

    This video rendered on your new computer looks great man!

  15. Shadowkiller LP

    I had the same problem and I only had one cooler working and it sounded like a vacuum and maybe it's the solution for your problem too

  16. Erik´Racing

    you can lean to the left if you rolls down the window

  17. Pootis Spencer

    Get a new CPU cooler and replace the case fans. Add case fans if there isnt any. Might help with the noise!

  18. Daan Bouma

    use a stealseries they are the best (for my as gamer)

  19. Gus Krough

    you know jeff favigano? does he have a youtube or is it a major coincidence?