New 2015 Ford Mustang Test ‘n Tune Drag Racing

A mixture of different 2015 Ford Mustangs from the folks at and Revolution Automotive along with a few others head out for a little test n …

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40 Responses

  1. mynor noriega

    I can vouch for that I just trade in my 5.0 for a EcoBoost and that little engine moves

  2. SPanunu

    @ 3:59 was that ecoboost bone stock? Also, was the car on the right a V6 or another ecoboost?

  3. Herbert Reed

    But since you um Ford haters want to hate figure this up in 1965 Ford laid a 12 second quarter mile factory car in 2010 gm finally beat it and in 2015 dodge finally beat it. Or in 1964 Ford put a 200mph car on the street. In 1999 GM joined that club 1994 dodge joined. You all are just catching up to what food did in the sixties. You don't believe me. Stats for 2019 gt40 8 second quarter mile top speed 232, 5.8 liter supercharge factory 850hp.

  4. Herbert Reed

    Sorry but listen the gt is letting of the gas just past half way. The echo boost is a 4 cylinder car laying a 13 second quarter that is impressive for the size of the girl.

  5. ICE Viper

    So this is a 4 cylinder mustang running times in range with a 4th gen camaro, ok, here comes the, muhahahahaha…..

  6. xevious2501

    ok.. ThE CAR IS AN ECOBOOST NOT A 5.0, THE IDIOT PUT A 5.0 Badge on the car. AT the start of the video you clearly see its an ecoboost engine. NOT A 5.0
    and its bone stock. The ecoboost with a jpl tune or even bama will put down 12.6+ quarter mile times.

  7. Andre AF

    I seen a 2015 auto Trans 5.0 do a 12.6 ,1/4 what is going on here….

  8. JDM Advisors

    It looks like they were on some elevation since they couldnt break 13's after so many tries

  9. Brian J

    Not bad for a test and tune night.  I knew after seeing the low-13-second passes, I'd hear the trash talk from the GM clowns, but hey…..that's test and tune.  Very little track prep on a cold October track.  I've seen LSX powered F-bodies and Vettes run mid-14's in similar conditions, but I'm not stupid enough to trash them on here (unlike some of the bowtie bag licker's), because I know they'll go faster than that.  

    To the morons that think these cars were on drag radials….get a clue (although a few of those runs look like they were done with the traction control on?)  Anyone who knows cars only need see the trap speed to realize that 110-111mph at the big end is an easy mid/low-12-second car on drag radials.

  10. adox036

    All the haters on here about the mustang when the camaro are slow as shit sure the classic ones where something the 67s 68 ss epic cars i love em but the new ones are just plain and simple trash from the interior to the exterior say what u want about the the 15 mustang but they hit a home run this year

  11. mrksts1

    A "bone stock" Ecoboost isn't going to run a 13.1, more like a 14.1. That is a tuned car. Impressive but not a stock car.

  12. Guywithabass

    Saw some of these new mustangs racing today and they did ok but none of them were super impressive. Still fast though.

  13. Kenji3stacks

    I do not see how they are bad times, earlier in the video you definitely can tell these are standard v-6…how fast do you expect it?

  14. 86250r

    These are normal people driving them not pros. When track numbers come out from ford and other companies that's with pro drivers.

  15. DylanDaDominator


  16. Doc Quandary

    Sooooo. The 15's are 200lbs heavier than the 14's and run 13-14 on the track. Plus they have a lot of wheel hop. Yeah I'll stick with my 14 5.0 just a few more years just to see what Ford comes up with next.

  17. Tony Jackson

    Good run for a stock 13.0. Put some lower control arms on to get in the 12.8-12.9 range and once the engine is broken in you should see 12.7's

  18. Turtleduck5000

    Those are 50th anniversary Mustangs! Hard to get a hand on those!

  19. bootstank57

    Guys on 350z forum have verified track slips 13.1 qtr 100% oem down to the tire.

  20. Jemel Williamson

    A lot of people are talking shit cause they can't afford one first off , I bought my 2015 last month and since then has installed after market exhaust , cold air induction and a Bama tune and have been eating the 5 gen Camaros like candy ! Ford had installed a resignator on the exhaust which holds back horse power from the factory , you take that off and you have extra 20-25 HP increase. Fuck that shit y'all mustang haters talking.

  21. Rubi Animaz

    A car had never made my heart race this fast😍 hopefully getting him this summer 👏❤️

  22. prattspits

    Excellent video, Multiple runs, regular street tires, and you show the times.

  23. Nazim Hudson

    I see a lot of people mentioning the zo6 um it's over $100,000 so why exactly is it in the conversation with a car that's $50,000 factory??? Obviously the three cars thought of when mentioning muscle cars are mustangs, camaros, and challengers.😑