New 2015 Subaru WRX STI Rally Car – Launch Control Episode 3.1

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21 Responses

  1. capt. park

    im from koea i have 2015 sti
    im buy in Philippines subaru inc. but bullshit a/s service here in philippines im have a problem hood intake cover but philippines subaru they not answer and also no service to me here sti price $60.000 more
    how can a/s service like this
    subaru your have service mind????
    answer to me subaru inc. japan
    my cont. number +639177994053 my name is kyle park

  2. F20NAprelude

    not so fond of the X games rally,WRC is what its about.

  3. Cyan

    I LOVE that it's not an ugly hatchback anymore!
    Also LOVE the livery!
    Much LOVE!

  4. Timothy Jeffry Pangamiano

    i demand subaru to beat hyundai i20 wrc car with this…

  5. Exojins stuff

    New sti looks like shit!!! Like wat happened to Subaru? From awesome 90's models 22B, till now is a mind boggling disappointment, sit inside the car n all u see is dash board, car looks high, is massive, n sounds like something died, take the technology if thats all u say is good n pit it in an older model, cuz seeing that thing rally is sad n boring!! The way of the automobile had just turned to ass, i will never own a car over the yr 2000, y? Because i wanna drive a car not a yaht, not a van, not truck, a car! 2 dr civics now r as big as a mazda 3

  6. AntiLag

    Here in Finland rally is not about the car, its about the driver. ;)

  7. 7th_dimension

    idk why, but somehow every new japanese car that is coming out looks like a turd compared to the older models. and in most cases they sound way shittier too. like the gtr for example. really sad imho.

  8. Yutong Wu

    Nice. Someone needs to show this country that drag racing is just such a small part of the racing world…

  9. hatakashi1900

    I wish Mitsubishi could come back with a new Lancer Evo to the rallying world…