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40 Responses

  1. C63///AMG

    I don't need more cash because i got 900M in cash and money

  2. Nathaniel Collick

    the first white car is a datsun i think

  3. Rufus ElVee

    +Casual Mobile Gaming its Vaz 210 , 1970. Russian car.

  4. Wiz Kean

    VZ 210 is Lada and the fujin sx is a S14 kouki

  5. GT R

    the kouki s14 is hella fun with maunal clutch+kami road

  6. Rex Brea

    Bro is not a liberty walk is a rocket bunny kit

  7. Minecraft Rocks Gaming

    Keep up to good work i wish i could play with u one day 😀

  8. Low Life Low

    I think the vz 210 is the (Nissan Datsun )

  9. Sharpshotz

    what do i do when i hit 990 EP? do i wait until the next event? (please answer because i really want that souped up EVO IX MR Edition)

  10. Antonslife

    The first car was a 1974 ford escort 4 door saloon

  11. michele righetti

    Ohhhhh guys the VZ 210 it's a FIAT 124 from the 70's!!!!!! I think i desertve the code for this!!

  12. Costi Popescu

    that car is a dacia 1300 back and lada front

  13. Sharpshotz

    the Eva MR OZ Drift is a Souped up Evo IX MR Edition

  14. Smokey Gamings

    i use a andriod mobile but i dont have any of these new cars… can someone explain??

  15. Vibe Radio

    Vz 210 looks like the ford blue ford escort of fast and furious 7

  16. 23 DRIFT KING

    bro congrats on your 9.k subs that White car is a r32 skyline

  17. N 神

    maybe a Lada or Volvo too. it looks like many different things

  18. Sharpshotz

    the VZ is a lada from videos that i watch about cars well i think it is but it MIGHT be a Volvo but it's probably a lada

  19. Muhluri Nkuna

    San palezzo was just updated because the track was in the game for a long time and they needed to improve the quality.

  20. Muhluri Nkuna

    After I deleted it months ago they give us something interesting

  21. Huracan HC45

    to me VZ 210 is Lada tbh :/

    even my group agreed with me

    it is lada