New muscle cars vs old muscle part 2-sound,top speed,drag races and burnouts

Drag racing between modern muscle cars and old muscle cars.Hellcat,ZL1 Camaro,Camaro Z28,Shelby GT500,Corvette,z06,Chevy Nova,Camaro SS,muscle …

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11 Responses

  1. Aubrey Wallace

    i preferr old muscle.but new ones more efficient.first firebird TAam got 7-9 miles per Gl in city.

  2. GlassTopRX7

    Just find video of them running stock, new cars are soo much faster than old muscle it's not even funny. I love Muscle cars because of what they were for their time. I mean I grew up with them.

  3. jamison schultz

    Good to see the old muscle cars pounding the pavment. Most of them built, not bought by the drivers.

  4. Warren Trojanoski

    Cars today have no soul. Heck, they almost drive themselves.

    What fun is that? I'll take my 82 Porsche 911 any day.

  5. J G Frakes

    newer cars have launch control mode, etc. you actually had to DRIVE an old musclecar, and they were better looking. Any asshat with a bunch of money can get a new muscle car. the classics are getting r

  6. GMC Jimmy

    those new cars Will never have as much class as the old rides do.