Nissan GT-R vs. Scion tC Drift Cars

Executive editor Edward Loh pits our long term Nissan GT-R against its strangest competition yet — a pair of Scion tC drift cars from the Formula D drift racing …

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30 Responses

  1. Lane Embers

    You can drift in an AWD car, but it's harder to keep the slip angle and the tires spinning. RWD cars don't have this issue. Simply point and go.

  2. Mika Sihite

    This is a really stupid episode.. How the hell do you drift a heavy 4wd with just 480hp ?!

  3. ProBearFister

    Had Toyota made the tC RWD from the factory, this car might have had a chance for more redeeming qualities in the car culture.

  4. Whut Datytopsy

    you're right, that GT-R couldn't drift with or without mods.

  5. Jeric Tamayo

    That race was like a scene of transformers with 2 Decepticons chasing after a GT-R! Haha

  6. The Son Of Satan

    Gt-r seemed shit racing but that was only because there was a pussy who couldn't drive the car properly racing it

  7. Byron Langley

    I see a ton of complaints about why the GTR didn't drift. News flash the TC can't drift either it's a 2.4/2.5 FF car. I'm not saying they aren't awesome any car that only takes about 4500 to reach 350 hp is fun. But that being said the cars in the video have been swapped out with a mk supra drive train big turbo 3.0 liter 5 speed Trans and a rear drive axle. It's like comparing toyotas nascar camery to a stock camery lol Toyota doesn't even offer a V8 for the camery. All that being said it was a cool video and for the price of a GTR you could do the drive train swap for strictly racing purposes. The big difference is the GTR would still be street legal where as the TC would be a track only car.

  8. Christian Thompson

    Paddle shifters on the gtr doesn't mean it cant drift ,I'm sure if it has a hand brake it can drift

  9. Guero

    My future car, but I actually want a 2015… I still wonder if the 2015 Scion tC can do the same as the older tC's

  10. Keola Kamaunu

    Got some funny comments I guess if we all was wondering what the he'll did we just watch that's funny…

  11. Mooie Telebogen

    They're modded, so it's not too impressive as if they were off retail.

  12. aceofclubskid

    can someone explain to me why two FWD cars are so good at drifting? Like I'm newer to cars and don't really understand this.

  13. Keith Johnson

    This video is stupid and has no point they put a bone stock gtr vs two highly modified scion tc's I would like to see them stock against the gtr they wouldn't be shit! 

  14. Yu-Jean Xiong

    In my opinion R35 GTR can't drift for shit because the car is not stick shift it's only paddle shift.. The only way to make an R35 to drift is to change the transmission. I've seen this one video somewhere in YT that this one guy in Japan who owns an R35 he change the paddle shifters to stick shifter. And he tested out his car and went drifting around the track.

  15. Bob Fu

    Wrong. The gtr can drift. You just need a real driver. Bet, if you put takumi behind the wheel.. All hell will break loose

  16. he shoots save

    the gtr goes 0 – 60 in 2,8 seconds this video is wrong 

  17. Robey195

    you get tanner behind the wheel of the GT-R and he will find a way to drift it 

  18. Dash Equal Dash

    The moment you modify a car, it loses it's true identity. It's like taking steroids. While I understand the thrill of modifying cars, I would much rather save my money and invest in upgrading to a better vehicle.

  19. AbRaHeM BM

    just get a BMW and it well beat any drift car