Nissan GTR Vs a Woman – Top Gear Festival Sydney

Which is faster – a Nissan GTR or a woman? Jeremy attempts to find the answer. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: …

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33 Responses

  1. leoleonata

    I run 100 11,6🤥 30 meters 3,6 from fist step. Michelle come to Örebro! No magic, call me! Florrie might come, note sure. This be fun. Guide Jenneke to this!

  2. Stanno Goswill

    Man i would definitely like to take a ride on her

  3. Cold Chicken Gaming

    This lady is slow my friend Vicson jackley runs 12.4 in 100 m

  4. Man from Nantucket

    Anyone notice the GT-R in this video?

  5. Doubting Thomas

    Then again, my grandmother is faster than jiggling Jenneke, and she died 17 years ago.

  6. Thiago Leo Kim

    "We'll never know"
    Pfff… yeah right…

    She's beautiful as much as she's fast. And she is really fast.

  7. Vojkan Dominik

    Michelle is super girl but Jeremy is asshole!

  8. kachow!

    The two most raved about things on the Internet come together!

  9. Fabian Ruiz

    what's next? my 250 pound drunk uncle vs Usain bolt.

  10. Roxxxstarmania 76

    U know what they should've done… they should've made the girl do 100m dash and the GTR do the quarter mile

  11. Luke Waters

    Am I the only one that noticed that one of the reverse lights on the gtr is out?

  12. Perro Oceaniko

    HAHAHA !!!

    all the men on the grades applauded !!!
    Most of the bitches didnt !!!
    envy is a terrible thing !!!!

  13. Perro Oceaniko

    she is not only sexy, is very funny and excellent athlete !!!

  14. Joseph2102011

    Waw, she is hella fast. She had the leed for a second when she stared and when he had to back up. Thats fast.

  15. Luca Barbaini

    i m 14 i do track and field or athletic and i can do 100 meters in a second slower than her… don t know if she is "slow" or i am fast lol

  16. guruprasad m nayak

    bouncy booby bouncy booby oooh booby booby oooh booby booby

  17. Collared Greens

    He should see a dermatologist about that wart.

  18. Jonathan Liu

    at least i know i have a faster 100m time than her

  19. Janet Vonnik

    I feel like, as a bisexual, That the key to being sexy is smiling bouncing around and using your hips.

  20. c0d3014

    OFC he done that to see her warm up.. why would jeremy do something like showing hes superiority to a woman while driving a car..pff

  21. Harmen Westerhof

    Now in a fair race, either car should also turn around to race back to the start, or the woman run backwards too. What d'you guys think?