NO PREP Drag Racing ACTION – Redemption 6.0

Full coverage of the Top Sportsman and Pro Mod classes from the Redemption 6.0 No Prep event at Tulsa Raceway Park.

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27 Responses

  1. mjs28s

    i just don't get the no prep thing.

    Does every one of these racers have enough money burning a hole in their pocket that they can really afford to race high powered cars on an ice sheet? One little fuck up and it could be $25K shot to hell.

  2. Shawn Ennis

    why race on that shit and fuck up ur car go

  3. starbattles1

    So much to say! Kamakazi! Always pulling for him. …. moment silence for Flip
    Dude in the red camaro needs to just go home and thank his lucky stars he still has a car!
    These guys need to turn that shit down. Way too much power for the track. Great nail bitter though.
    Screw blowers have just way to much instant big power for this kind of racing. Suicide machines. Hats off to those that was able to turn them down and go a-b. Is that done with severely retarded timing? Those things are mean as fuck

  4. skabootykat

    lay down some glue!!!!!! lets see what them damn cars can really do!

  5. Yokes27

    Whats with the firebird at 5:30 and a few other times in the vid just seems stiff or something. Not sure what it is just seems rigid or something, just doesnt look fluid

  6. HidalgoFilms

    what camera do y'all use? i'm trying to film no prep races myself. i would like better quality videos than what i just use.

  7. david graszak

    Theirs no way I would drive my car on this black ice… Just saying…………….

  8. Ufghkinmundaye

    Award for worst tree ever….. white split bumper.

  9. Chelsea Scarcella

    why does kamikaze seen so much slower? doin work for sure but I swear that thing used to be twice as fast…..

  10. Scott Fox

    What is the pipe in the back on the rightside of the trunk on the one car? It looked like a another tailpipe.I think car is a Wilys body. Its near the spoiler.

  11. Denise Harriman

    Kamikazi did good because he doesn't have enough to overpower the track.

  12. thricefelt

    Dude your video encoding is off, thats why you get all the horizontal lines. Gotta encode mp4 h264

  13. Shid Widley

    Dope vid. Not at all a fan of the beam breakers everyone is putting on their cars tho