This is a new edit of some of the wildest Heads Up Drag Racing crashes from various tracks across the country. Includes footage from UHAV’s Carnage Fest …

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  1. The Bonesaw ..

    While I hate to be that guy, I can't help pointing out that your "Non-Stop" video… is only 7 minutes and 51 seconds long. Just saying.


    Your videos never disappoint. I'd like to see some POV views and what it takes for these guys to get out in a hurry. We practice fast exits from our ground vehicle rollovers and helicopter crashes in the military and it's definitely a three stooges affair till we nail it and get it right every time.

  3. AngrySlime11

    Have you ever noticed that all the cars sound the same

  4. Shelly Dunn

    Ok, this might sound weird to you, but I'm new to drag racing, been watching them lately, I LOVE IT! subbing, cuz your vids are the best!

  5. Krisark Gaming

    AHAHAH American pieces of shit, that's all the cars are

  6. Ken Wittick

    how do you people watch these videos and know nothing about it? the switch is mandatory in all major race rules,turns off all electrical power to the car….

  7. CaptainFoufeu

    3:20 I love how the white Mustang wobbles for a second at the start, then regains control, only to be hit by the other car, yet he keeps on going and finishes the race just fine. Impressive. The hardest part in drag racing is not the shifting, but the throttle discipline. You can't put too much pressure on the pedal, or you'll spin out. It has to be a slow, gentle, gradual press, otherwise you'll end up like these poor folks. I used to race production-stock cars for my wealthy uncle in his private race car club. Lots of great cars for circuit, oval, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and endurance drag (5 mile straights).

  8. arklat

    On a lot of these wrecks, a track personnel guy rushes over to the car, and switches off something at the rear of the car. What are they doing?

  9. D-J. E-Z-E.

    YOU MOTHERFUCKING SHITHOLE BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!

  10. Adam Mitrani

    was the last car yours it had a sticker that said hillbilly videos

  11. Gamer Zero

    I know that this is not the subject matter from the video but… I made a drag racing car on Multi Theft Auto with the Handling :D

  12. Davidson Ferles

    YOU ever hear of DOBBLE UGLY, NAMELY a.compatension tractor that was on the circuit in the back half of the 70"s. It was powered by an.experimental dual crank shaft 24 cylinder ALESANN airplane engine for B29. It was at The Cow Palace in San Francisco and won the event with full pulls of the slead, one after another. Only problem looked like they make sure it stayed on the track.

  13. GasMaskHeadhunter

    They really can crash fast! While I can appreciate the work and money that goes in them and the speed they get I like the rawness of street dragsters and how its possble with some work to have a go yerself.

  14. 4nuk8r

    It would be a lot safer and everybody would be on a level playing field if open differentials were required. INMHO locked diffs are a crutch. A car will run just as fast with an open diff as a spool IF the suspension guys give torque reaction the attention it deserves. The way it would prevent these crashes is one tire would go up in smoke if the car got steered very much in it's direction – as opposed to now a car gets steered in a direction and the inside tire gets unloaded and the outside one gets EXTRA load and begins pushing the car in the direction it's already turning – and becomes uncontrollable. Up until the mid 1960s Hot Rod Magazine urged AHRA and NHRA to mandate open diffs but it didn't happen.