Killer wheelstands from various drag strips across the country.

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48 Responses

  1. Beat

    ya ever take that thing up like that on the highway,,,,I def would

  2. ddoctor 46

    my one and only wish is to do this at a stop light to a guy in a Lambo/Ferrari

  3. Chris Tillman

    i can't see doing wheelies and destroying my investment or possibly killing myself or someone else for a crowd.

  4. Xfl4n2

    I have a question why the back tires of drag car's is too big?

  5. TC Swag

    that red hotrod around 2:50 was smooth as hell . beast car and driver , I woulda bailed lol

  6. Insane Videogamerdude

    Rear wheel drive on a 1000 hp or more or lower hp cars can be dangerous because of all of those wheelies that could cause an accident.

  7. Charlie Lozano

    all you that thumb down this vid, you are fags. this rules

  8. hoady1kanobi

    That BF falcon was sick, he put that down so smoothly and stall ran an 8 sec pass, up the Falcon!!!

  9. BlinkGill

    i wish could do that on traffic lights when going home from work.

  10. Rachael Steller

    Wish they can post vdo tutorials how to drive this way