Mark Cryer’s ’09 BBC 462CI Smart Car now sporting the “NU BIG THING” logo runs 11.38@116.95 as the GT Mustang runs 14.70@94.24mph and as the song …

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39 Responses

  1. leroy Johnson

    What's the guy doing? Straddling the motor?!?

  2. oscar orozco

    Surprised the mustang didn't launch into the other lane

  3. Wɐɔɐɹouᴉ Ɔᴉʌᴉɔ

    That smart car looked like an rc car.

  4. meifert2

    what a terrible time by the Mustang. over a second slower than stock

  5. Lab Rat

    Well, I mean sure the Smart Car won…..that Mustang was stock…HAD to be…..not even three digits on the speedo by the line for a 'Stang, but a wheelie bar for the SC?
    I mean, you could match the ports and put a blower on a Lawnboy and it would smoke a stock Bugatti.
    ANYTHING with a tweaked engine and drive train and a body kit is going to waste anything stock.

  6. MattyTdog

    holy shit, bye bye mustang you got smoked by a smart car

  7. bubble bee

    that is how a bullied smart person became a badass smart guy

  8. William Cowell

    That launch was just insane – how to break the other guy's heart in 5 yards and half a second…

  9. Пётр Кузьмич

    бля бля бля. переделоный СМАРТ выебал ваш переделаный мустанг.

  10. Douglas Keith

    The dude in the Mustang was checking to see if he left his park brake on. Just kidding.

  11. Shane Williams Sr

    LMAO! Damn near snapped those wheelie bars and flipped the dumb thing. FUNNY!

  12. Joseph Pllumaj

    Either that guy in the mustang can't drive or he pulled a few spark plugs out…

  13. Jeff Rand

    dumb…slower than most Sedans….and your wheelie bar isn't working

  14. Igal Flint

    So? who wants to travel with this "Smart" Car. I rather take the Mustang and go from L.A. to Vegas with my girlfriend

  15. Michael Schieler

    loooooool before i make such shit out of a smart i'd rather build my own go cart 😛

  16. Andrew H

    Im sorry but if your going to drag a smart car you need the wind up key on the back for the laugh value.

  17. Christian Ewing

    not that fast but the mods on it are impressive

  18. mark ford

    pretty pathetic, BBC,bored in a super light car. and only runs an 11 second et. put a Ford Coyote in there and you will have low 9's.