On-road Nitro RC car ( Drifting)

Nitro Drifting.

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23 Responses

  1. Clegomanrun

    How hard is this on the engine? I mean there's so much wheelspin I cant imagine its not causing incredible stress on the engine.

  2. bartimeys2394

    Классно, какая резина стоит?

  3. Kathleen Eadie

    Hi can you tell me we're to plug the charger in this car it belonged to my nephew years ago now my grandson has it but don't have clue how to charge it thanks

  4. simpson washington

    man you driving that car like you stole it!!!!! ha ha

  5. Tibb91

    No wonder it whines likes this when engine rpm is over 25-30k 😀

  6. Artur K.

    the driver has balls. I tried this with my NTC3 plus and I ended up swerving into a wall. luckily it is not dead and nothing broke

  7. Daniel Bargas

    These were the days before brushless and wayyyyyyy before lipo

  8. koollee

    How n the hell can 200+ people dislike this?
    Ive accidentally clicked dislike before.. wonder if this happened being such an old video