OnBoard: Best action 2016

Closer to the action than ever before, the best of 2016’s OnBoard footage showcases the history-making season. Subscribe to MotoGP on YouTube: …

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28 Responses

  1. muhammad shofwan

    please dorna, put some DRAMATIC SONG in your videos

  2. Inside Line

    this year a new game has been created:"noscope dovizioso"

  3. IoN Monster

    enough of the garbage "music" let us hear the fucking action

  4. 3ric585

    Show us some Goddamn Moto2 for fucks sakes! Jesus fucking Christ!

  5. Samurai H (SamuraiHg)

    is it time for MotoGp yet 🙁
    very nice video

  6. Being Awesome Is Awesome


  7. Octavio De Albornoz

    Leave the music background…we just need to hear the engines !!!!

  8. Damyan Popov

    This was awesome! Check out my video on my channel looking back at this MotoGP season.

  9. Kuro_der_Euphoriatimmy over 9000

    What Motorcycles use the Motor GP ?