Onboard Sebastien Ogier SS04/ Rallye Monte Carlo 2014

More Videos on: http://www.wrcplus.com ▻ Website: http://www.wrc.com Sebastien Ogier/ Julien Ingrassia Volkswagen Motorsport SS4 ORPIERRE – ST ANDRE …

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21 Responses

  1. とも。とも


  2. Rebel

    one more ml into inner corner and he would hit something!

  3. dirtTdude

    i would slap the french out of that son of a bitch if he kept on with that goddamn mexican french yammering

  4. I am Phoenix

    These rally drivers are certifiably insane to drive this fast on these roads

  5. Jspenx

    This guy is a fuckin beast. Hats off to his skills

  6. Sr le

    You must be crazy to drive like this.. Rally drivers are the best… Big respect.

  7. Luis Emil Pimentel Ferreira

    El mejor piloto de Rally que he visto!!!!

  8. Nguyen Ducanh

    merci pour ce video, ils sont geniaux

  9. beshj

    guess what? when im watching racing i dont want the camera to keep switching to the fucking passenger… who knew?

  10. David Farmer

    I don't know any thing about it but this guy looks quick (??) + superb synchronicity with navigator.

  11. Łukasz Laskowski

    average speed of 94.21km/h … in this conditions. Great driving

  12. Infinite Plane and Beyond

    damn in the rain too, dude has ballz

  13. Poupon Marks

    Motor Sport is much more interesting than those that chase a ball or puck around a closed space.

  14. Jag Dutt

    generally hes braking early and throttle late. stupid people setting course they should turn the 1000m sign at 15:43 so its possible to do that bend more snugg. it almost hits the windshield. nice driving.