Onboard with David Higgins at the 2014 Oregon Trail Rally

Ride along with defending Rally America Champion David Higgins and co-driver Craig Drew as they take their 2014 Subaru WRX STI rally car flat-out on Stage …

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34 Responses

  1. A Skeptical Human

    Me attempting to do this: "Dawg….shut the fuck up…I'm trying to drive here."

  2. Jraybay

    Oregon looks quite nice to drive here. Very good

  3. Mah Boi Robin

    The guide's voice is so calm even though his and the drivers lives are at edge XD

  4. Clement Moraschi

    When self-driving cars can do this we'll know the machines will take over.

  5. Niko Bellic

    The amount of information they need to process all while driving at high speeds, on narrow roads, and surrounded by trees is what makes this sport so incredible to watch.


    ohh that lovely power steering looks divine.

  7. Niagara

    I had trouble keeping up with the calls let alone considering traction, shifting, and braking at the same time.

  8. Kyle Clements

    I don't get what "nips" means? I aussume he isn't talking about Japanese people.

  9. wyrmbuster

    I've always had this question, how does he shift the gears on the car. it kinda reminds me of the triptronic on "semi-automatic" cars. Am I correct in comparing the two? or is it some different shifting system?

  10. motor head

    Its not rally if you dont have a british co-driver

  11. mitch019850

    I never knew that the turn he is calling out actually denotes the gear he should be in. I always thought it was just giving a severity of the turn.

  12. Levy Simanjuntak

    i cant even concentrate to both the roads and the co driver's turns warning.. one of the greatest job 👍

  13. Májer Tibor

    What are "plus" and "minus" after the corner pacenotes?
    Great driving!

  14. Urban Chaos 2.0

    This sounds like jibber-jabber. I can understand what he's saying, but I cannot determine his timing. How exactly do the co-drivers give directions (in terms of their timing)?

  15. zRouth

    Yeah, this doesn't look hard as hell, nope, not at all.

  16. wealthy king

    Incredible note dictation and driver response! you guys impress me, not only can you fly through the woods, but remain calm in doing so at 3:45 +120 mph 6th gear!

  17. Drew Tramp

    Also I want to say David was a little upset he got some penalties. Hit some barrels in the chicane on day two. When be went by us on the stage just flying. I want to go for a ride.

  18. InfuriatedHawk

    That co-driver has such a friendly voice.

  19. Boroda

    Парни заебись ! Ой
    Parni zaebis)))