OUR FIRST DRAG RACER! Street Drag Racing and Unlocking the Desert Race – Revhead Gameplay Ep 4

Our first drag racer! It’s time to do some street drag racing, we also unlock a new desert race track! Subscribe if you like! + http://bit.ly/1PG8z9G We’re back with …

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38 Responses

  1. Codrut

    Oh btw Gray, theres some guy with your name replying to comments, I think you should take care of him 🙂

  2. Codrut


  3. COD Cream

    Gray, Can you please play WRC 6? It will help with the rallying in MSC!

  4. Butter Panda

    but I work at a tractor trailer repair shop and some come in with over 1 million miles (diesels Outlast gas engines)

  5. Butter Panda

    omfg yessssss mine and my dad's dodge trucks both busted dashboard

  6. Petter Carmona

    About 12:50 I think it's because of the gearbox. I can't say for sure, because I don't remember the gear-ratio and I'm too lazy to scroll back. But if it had anything to do with the frame, it's the material design and structure of the frame.
    Old Volvo 240's are deemed safe to use up until 300 hp (delivered with 116-143 hp). I don't know what makes them "not safe" over 300 hp, but I can't imagine the body or frame starting to curl up and bend because of the power sent to the wheels. That makes me think it's purely a crash-safety feature.

  7. Rylee Johns

    My 6.0 powerstroke has 600k miles on the original motor, those are notorious for blowing head gaskets and it still has the original.

  8. Blaze Storm

    If you want the car to handle better try lowering the tire pressure.

  9. 22placid

    yea i have a 95 ram and i can attest that it does happen to suffer from dash cancer

  10. Marty DeWitt

    man, you really need a driving wheel if your gonna keep playing all these driving games.

  11. Callan Burns

    gREY ILL ALLWAYS WATCH UR VIDS love you and keep up the good work

  12. 2MLG4YOU

    Don't touch those penises, Gray!! When I accidentally did touch them, my car started backfiring and I couldn't figure out why, everything was more than 70%, so It's some kind of magic or somethin',''MATE''

  13. childhood gamer

    You should build using race or sports parts you buy in the newspaper

  14. Joe Johnston

    My dads 1970 Dodge Challenger as the same black hood and top and was green

  15. z zzires

    dude gut and keep parts on like 5 cars. find one you like and build it from scratch. its a lot easier.
    remember if you wanna lift it the narnoo suspension works ect.
    and lights/horn are not needed.

    also youll find a lot of old cars have gone round the clock mate

  16. ThomasPlays//Roblox and More!

    Btw you could just use cheat engine to give yourself a bit of money

  17. Wiktor Kalamat

    Yay Gray coloured the drag car red and black and they are my favourite colours

  18. Jacob Ghiglieri

    An error with the playback of the video isn't working?

  19. Rossu

    My dad is 75yers old and his car mercedes has 780thousan kilpmeters in it.Also it has turbo.

  20. TeX Seige

    "Bod up bop bah bah I'm loving it " quoting by Ronald MC DONOLD