Our new Youtube Rally Car!

We teamed up with Tredu (Tampere Trade school) to get some really nice paint and stickers on our Ford Sierra and we also took the car to the country side for some drifting action Tampere trade…

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  1. Beyond the press

    Big thanks to Tredu (Tampere Trade school) for painting the car! it's really nice! And as I mentioned you can learn almost any trade at Tredu so go check their site's our if you live near Tampere and want to learn new trade. http://www.tredu.fi

  2. Spoony

    That's a pretty good paint job for students that are learning.


    Is there any Finn who doesn't know how to drift? It's in the national DNA

  4. Oscar Hansson

    Are you going to tune the car and put turbo on it and straight pipe it? That would be awesome!

  5. 3800Tech

    I was surprised that such a shitty car was actually RWD, actually its better than any of the shit fwd junk sold now in Australia, so rather I'm impressed overall.

  6. Sgt_Bepps

    Rhetoric suggestion. Don't rise the pitch at the end of all words. It sound like your are asking a question every time. It is a common mistake, don't get me wrong. The last word in a sentence is supposed to go low, not rolling up HIGH.

  7. Jamie 1991

    What is it with you guys and ford's lol I'm I watching my summer car lol

  8. netsurferx1

    Aww…Ya didn't put Peniston Oils, Amerdea Du Fromage, Restaurant Petit Entree, or Larsen's Biscuits as a sponsor on the doors? (Google it!) For shame!

    In any case: Make sure you keep those rocks outta your asshole! (Gestures)

  9. Atlas WalkedAway

    Im betting it overheats from over revving in less that a month.

  10. RobotSlug

    The silhouettes of your noses may be my favorite part of this channel. You are both beautiful people, I wish you a long and happy relationship and many beautiful and virile children. Thanks for what you do. I hope to meet you both one day.

  11. TehZee

    Such lovely paint and graphics work, so shiny.
    Almost a shame it's going to end up totally obliterated at some point.

  12. Steve Evans

    "So we're going to make a rally car" – Said every Finnish guy… EVER!

    BTW, do all Finnish vehicles have broken windscreens?